The Costly Mistake of BTC12 Capital in the Crypto Market

The Costly Mistake of BTC12 Capital in the Crypto Market

In the ever-volatile world of cryptocurrency, timing is everything. The story of BTC12 Capital, known in the crypto community as leishen.eth, serves as a stark reminder of this reality. This investor’s recent experience with the cryptocurrency $TURBO highlights the dramatic highs and lows that can occur in the crypto market.

The Investment and the Loss

On May 7, 2023, BTC12 Capital made a bold move by investing $1.14 million into $TURBO, a popular meme coin. The initial investment seemed promising, but the decision to sell just five days later proved to be a costly mistake. The sale resulted in a staggering loss of $658,000, marking a 58% decrease from the initial investment. This premature sale not only cut deep into the invested capital but also meant missing out on potential profits that could have exceeded $4 million if the investment had been held longer.

The Performance of $TURBO

Despite BTC12 Capital’s unfortunate timing, $TURBO has shown strong performance in the market. Analyzing the coin’s recent price movements reveals a significant uptrend. The price has climbed to a high of approximately 0.0095 USDT, indicating a strong upward momentum. This rise is highlighted by the presence of increasing green candlesticks on the charts, pushing the price above both the middle and upper Bollinger Bands. This suggests a bullish short-term market.

2-hour TURBO/USDT Chart | Source: TradingView

Technical Indicators

Several technical indicators further support the bullish sentiment around $TURBO:

  • Average Directional Index (ADX): The ADX, currently at a high value of 64.90, indicates a powerful trend. Generally, an ADX above 25 signifies a strong trend, and values above 50 suggest an even mightier trend. This high ADX value confirms the strong bullish momentum.
  • Awesome Oscillator (AO): The AO shows increasing green bars, reflecting growing bullish momentum. Positive values of the AO indicate that the short-term period is trending higher than the long-term period, reinforcing the strength of the current uptrend.
Lessons Learned

The story of BTC12 Capital and $TURBO underscores the importance of patience and strategic timing in cryptocurrency investments. The market is known for its rapid changes and high volatility, which can lead to significant gains or losses in a short period. For BTC12 Capital, holding onto $TURBO for just a bit longer could have turned a significant loss into a substantial profit.

For current and future investors, this tale serves as a crucial lesson: Thoroughly analyze market trends, rely on technical indicators, and, most importantly, avoid making hasty decisions based on short-term market fluctuations. The crypto market offers substantial rewards, but these come with equally substantial risks.


BTC12 Capital’s experience with $TURBO is a vivid example of the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency investments. While the loss incurred was significant, it provides valuable insights for other investors navigating this volatile landscape. By understanding and learning from such experiences, investors can make more informed decisions and potentially reap the rewards that the crypto market has to offer.

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